Terms and conditions


  1. 1. Organization

The International Yacht Rally around Peloponnese is organized Kedros Syn Non Profit Company specializing in sports and cultural events based in Athens, Greece and Tyche Sailing Ltd based in Tallinn, Estonia, specializing in sailing cruises, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism of Greece, Hellenic National Tourist Organization, Government of Ionian islands and Government of Peloponnese.


The Rally was inspired by the organizers of the event whose great Greek waters experience  and organizational skills united for the unique goal  to  help the salesmen to discover one of the most beautiful parts of Greece – the Peloponnese peninsula by the sea along the route of the Ancient Greeks and to make the sailing from the Ionian to the Aegean the pleasant and comfortable journey  in good yacht family visiting the most important sightseeing in the region, tasting local wine and food and getting close  to the rich Greek history and  traditions.

1.3 Entries    

The rally is open for all mono- and multihull vessels from 30 to 55 feet  in length.
The entries   should be well-found and seaworthy, thoroughly fitted with permanent accommodation, respond  safety requirements and equipped with navigation station, galley, toilet facilities etc. for offshore and coastal sailing.
All crewmembers on board must be in good physical and health condition.
It is the responsibility of the owner/captain to declare the true condition of their boat and the crew and to maintain it during the rally.
The vessels are  advised to use an  AIS system for tracking and an internet connection for messaging  through WhatsApp or Viber.
There is a limit of 15 boats to participate, which is most unfortunately caused by the limited place in some ports during the rally.

1.4. Crew

The minimum number of crew per boat is two adults over 18 years old, the maximum must not exceed the number of berths. Except the captain, at least one person on board should have a sufficient sailing experience.

1.5. Non-competitive nature

The rally is a non-competitive cruising journey although rally trophies  and  special recognition prizes will be presented to the participants at the closing ceremony of the event.


2.1. Joining the rally

We are waiting for you at the starting point of rally that is Gouvia Marina in Corfu not later than ___________ so the rally flotilla makes all necessary check up procedures for the journey, for fuel and food provisioning, the chartered boats have time  to be checked in.
After we follow the welcome dinner and gathering for knowing all the rally participants better  on________   we  are ready to start on the  morning __________to Paxoi.  
There is an option to join the rally in Lefkas Marina for the boats based in Lefkas or Preveza (Ionion Marine and Cleopatra Marina).
We assume that your boat is well working and the crew is well prepared   nevertheless it is highly recommended to come some days before the rally starts for possible maintenance and repair works on the boat and for the crew to have time to rest having in mind the three weeks 450 miles journey ahead.
For those who would like to join the rally with chartered boats the organizers provide any kind of  assistance and help. Please ask for special rates and discounts from the charter companies based in Marina Gouvia, Corfu or Lefkas Marina, Lefkas.  

2.2. Itineraries

Before the rally  all general information and hand book will be given to the participants including briefings’ materials, itineraries, dates, land tours’ information, navigational information etc. and we will assume that you accept the rules, terms and conditions of the rally.
We expect you to follow the exact journey our flotilla manager or itinerary suggests since that guarantees better journey results for you and for the rest of flotilla.

2.3. Communication

The  communication during the rally will be held by the following means:

  • VHF-radio
  • Whats App
  • regular briefings with captains

Please mind that  your internet access through smart phones, PC or tablets is highly important not only for the inter-flotilla communication but for weather forecasts, navigation and any other useful information and schedules.  

3.1. The boat fee includes:

  • rally handbook
  • rally flag
  • berthing in all itinerary ports, water and electricity, if provided in the port
  • rally and flotilla manager on hand throughout the event for any kind of support     and assistance
  • all taxes


3.2. The crew fee includes:

  • welcome and farewell dinner and comprehensive social program in stopovers
  • two organized bus tours to Olympia and Mycenae-Epidaurus-Nafplio
  • two excursions to wine and oil factories (tastings included)
  • visa invitations and visa support for non-EU citizens
  • all taxes

3.3. The following charges  are not included in the boat/crew fees:

  • transit of a boat to or from the starting or ending marina
  • any marina or port costs except mentioned in 3.1, such as laundry, repairs,      towing, fuel, food supply  and others
  • berth and other port costs if one chooses to dock in another place not specified by the organizer and not mentioned in the itinerary
  • transfer fees airport-marina- airport
  • entry tickets to the Olympia, Mycenae and Epidaurus archeological sites

In any case we are still glad to assist you  in any of the above needs.

3.4. Fees

Boats entry fee

  • up to 39 feet                                  975 EUR
  • from 40 to 45 feet                     1175 EUR
  • from 46 to 53 feet                     1300 EUR*

*Catamarans shall pay a supplement  of the entry fee  x 1,5 

Crew entry  fee

  • 450 EUR per person
  • Children under 10 years old – 250 EUR

Early booking discount for vessels and crew entry fees is 10% 

3.5. Reservation

To join the rally, one should complete an entry form and send it to the organizers via email info@sailtoaegean.com.
After you have completed your entry form, we will send you the confirmation email and receipt for payment.
Payments are accepted through bank transfer in Euro. An email stating the bank transaction information  should be sent to info@sailtoaegean.com.
Taxes are included in the price you pay for.

3.6. Cancellation policy

Entry fees are non-refundable.
In some cases, however, 50% of the fee can be transferred to the next rally.
Any cancellation 30 days prior to the start  makes any transfer to another rally impossible.



4.1. Liability of the participants


The safety of the vessel and its crew  is the sole responsibility of the captain/owner who must ensure that the vessel is in good condition and the crew is well prepared for the 450 miles journey during three weeks.
It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the captain/owner to decide to start, to continue rally or  to make a stopover.
The captain/owner must ensure that the vessel carries on board essential medical supplies to deal with emergencies and the proper life vests.
Entering the rally the captain and the crew members accept a declaration absolving the organizers from any liability arising from an accident that may happen to the vessel or to the crew members or caused by them to the third parties  while participating in the rally.
The captain/owner and the crew members are obliged as well to comply with all local laws and regulations and must behave properly to the local authorities, organizers and other rally participants. Any offensive or improper behavior may lead to the immediate withdrawal from the event with no refund.

4.2. Insurance

All participants should have a third-party liability insurance to cover themselves, their crew and vessel.
A copy of the valid insurance policy for the vessel must be produced to the organizers before the start.


5.1. Sailing

Sailing during the rally will be conducted under the provisions of the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea, these Rules, Terms and Conditions  and the sailing  instructions issued at the briefings or before the start by the rally manager and organizers.
Participation in briefing is compulsory for the captain or for the person in charge for the briefings appointed by the captain.

5.2. Delayed start

All vessels are expected to depart at the official starting time.
In case of the delay the captain must inform the organizers as soon as possible about the reasons of  delay,   the estimated time of departure, any change of the sailing route and the estimated time of arrival to the rally itinerary port.

5.3. Time limit and withdrawals

The time limit for each leg will be announced in the sailing instructions and at the briefings based on  4 knots average speed of flotilla.
The captain who declines from the route or decides to enter an unscheduled port  or to make a stopover is obliged to  inform the organizers as soon as possible and to inform on the intention to rejoin the  rally and when.
If there is no information within 24 hours the vessel and  its crew will be considered to be in breach with the present Rules, Terms and Conditions and considered as having withdrawn from the rally.

5.4. Identification

Every vessel should carry a rally flag in addition to the flag of the host country and/or country of the home port and be equipped with a set of international code flags.

5.5. Complaints and feedbacks

Any complaints and feedbacks are accepted in writing from the rally participants.
If any misbehavior will lead to any embarrassing situation, the organizers reserve the right to ask for withdrawal of the vessel  or a crew member.

5.6. Visual information, media

The organizers have the right to make the entry list available to other rally participants, media, marinas and port authorities, yacht clubs, supporting  organizations and other entities  involved in the event  including photographs and video posted  on websites, blogs and in social media.
The organizers retain the right over any audio-visual materials taken during the rally and may set up the media pool for any video production and covering the event in mass media.
All   participants are kindly requested  to mention the rally when posting their photos or video  in any internet resources f.e. with a hash tag  #aroundpeloponnese.

5.7. Sponsorship and advertisement

If some vessel bears any promotional or advertising sign or any other inscription related to its sponsor, the organizers must be contacted prior for permission  and whether it will incur any additional costs or not.


All relevant material about the rally will be published in English.
The working language of the rally is  English.
At the land tours when it is possible the excursions will be provided in  other common languages representing the rally participants (f.e.French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian).
The English version of these Rules, Terms and Conditions  prevails over all the others.



The organizers reserve the right to amend these Rules, terms and Conditions of entry, if necessary. Participants will be notified of any such changes immediately by email, on the website www.sailtoaegean.com and at the first briefing.
The organizers of the rally retain the right to make any changes to the rally itinerary due to weather conditions or any other specific circumstances having in mind the safety and the comfort  of the participants and the better performing results for the event.  


The organizers in no case and in no circumstances are liable to the vessel owners, skippers and their crew members  for any possible damages, direct or indirect costs, loss of property or any economic loss however it may arise from the rally.
Any claim must be submitted in writing to the organizers.
The organizers are also not liable to participants for any breach of contract caused by the participant’s fault or any delay in rally performing.
These Rules, Terms and Conditions  are governed by the law of Greece and all the rally participants agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek Court.